Kaua`i's King Kaumuali`i

Honoring the Legacy of Kauai's Last King

King Kaumualiʻi Re-emerges

This Spring our regal and handsome bronze maquette of King Kaumuali’i has been visiting around the island. He was honored at May Day at King Kaumualiʻi Elementary where classes performed hula, mele and oli in his honor, while paying special tribute to Auntie Aletha Kaohi, a descendant and Saim Caglayan, sculptor and creator of the maquette.

He also stopped to contribute his mana’o for a book talk by author, Lee Croft whose biography, Kaumualiʻi and The Last of Hawaii’s God Kings, was recently published and now available at Amazon in print and digitally. Some interesting new information translated from letters of Anton Shaeffer provide some interesting insight into his motive and intent for the year he spent on Kauaʻi.  The full color painting by Brook Kapūkiniahi-Parker of Humehume reuniting with Kaumuali’i at Papaʻenaʻena is profoundly touching and realistic. Look for other sightings around the island in the coming months; he is planning visits on the North Shore, with Mayor Carvalho, and will undoubtedly visit with Chiefess Kamakahelei.

Our grassroots efforts to erect the life-size bronze kicked off a successful Spring Solicitation Drive which provided funds in earnest toward this purpose. We we able to have the maquette digitally scanned, sized and the large molds made, and the artist has begun the sculpting work from the bottom up.

Additional fundraising events, including a Ho’olaulea this October in Waimea, will help keep our momentum and progress as more Kauaʻi Friends support us to memorialize our last and great King Kaumualiʻi at Paʻulaʻula, where he welcomed the world to our shores. Watch our Facebook page to view the latest events and support our mission; the King re-emerging as a reminder to all of us of his legacy: Kauaʻi I Ka Maliē.

ʻA ʻohe hana nui ke aluʻia – No task is too big when done together by all


Artist sculpting King Kaumualii foot

One step at a time, a life-size statue of Kauai’s last reigning King is beginning to take shape as Saim Caglayan, the sculptor, continues to build each section.

Spring 2017 Fundraising Helps King Kaumuali’i Come to Life

A special mahalo nui e loa to all of Friends of King Kaumualiʻi who supported our 2017 spring fundraising campaign. To those that heard our kahea (our call) and saw our vision to help fund this statue memorializing Kauaʻiʻs last, great and peaceful AliʻI, we are grateful – over $9000 was raised!

From our smaller maquette, we were able to have computer scans made and sized up for life size molds, which for obvious reasons needed to be made in six sections. The artist, Saim Caglayan, has begun work at the feet of the King.

We still have a long way to go and Friends of King Kaumuali’i needs your help. Your participation and support will fund the next section of the statue – the King’s torso.

Please join us in our mission by donating or participating in our upcoming King Kaumuali’i Ho’olaulea on October 7, 2017. Visit our Facebook Page or contact us for volunteering or crafter opportunities. 


Ken Morikawa; Aletha Kaohi, President of Friends of King Kaumuali’i; Dee Morikawa, State Representative,  Stanley Lum; Maureen Fodale, Friends’ Sectretary.

Friends of King Kaumuali’i Seek Grant to Erect Statue

Earlier this year, Friends of King Kaumuali’i submitted a grant to state officials to help fund a bronze, life-size statue to honor Kauai’s last Ali’i Nui. On March 17, 2017 Aletha Kaohi, President and founder of Friends of King Kaumuali’i, will present the request to officials in the hope that a grant will help pay for a portion of the statue, which will be placed at Pa’ula’ula in Waimea (Russian Fort). The Friends of King Kaumuali’i grant writing team has worked hard at writing the grant request and are grateful for the opportunity to present it at Friday’s hearing.  With gratitude, they thank our State Representatives and State Senator President.


Master Painter & Sculptor, Saim Caglayan

When the nonprofit organization Friends of King Kaumuali`i was established in 2004 to fundraise for a statue of Kauai’s last king, the task was short lived due to their not finding a suitable picture of the king. It wasn’t until 2013 that a picture was revealed and accepted to be used to create first a 3-foot maquette and, later, an 8-foot statue. Read the cover story in the September issue, page 3.


2013: Statue of King Kaumualiʻi

Fundraising began in 2013 with a cover feature of King Kaumualiʻi on the September issue of the community monthly magazine, For Kauaʻi. The statue is to commemorate Kaumualiʻi’s life and his role in the history of Kauaʻi. Kaumualii’s decision to cede Kauaʻi to Kamehameha I in 1810, prevented a slaughter of Kauaʻi peoples at the hands of insurmountable forces under Kamehameha’s command. That decision alone merits a statue as an everlasting honor. The goal for the statue is $80,000 to be erected at Paʻulaʻula (Russian Fort) in Waimea. Kaua`i Mayor proclaimed 2013 – 2014 the “Year of the King”, in honor of King Kaumuali`i (read more)

You can help!

Your donation will help build a full-sized bronze statue to honor the last reigning King of Kauai, Ali’i Nui Kaumuali’i.